Mariane Ibrahim Gallery is delighted to announce, “ÆNIGMA,” the first solo exhibition in the U.S. dedicated to Brazilian painter and media artist, Sergio Lucena. The exhibition will open July 31st and will run until September 1st, with an artist opening reception on July 31st from 6-8 pm.

Featuring a dozens large abstract paintings, ÆNIGMA reflects the disenchanted expectations of an artist in introspective contemplation, in a world that makes no sense and looses its own values. The superposition of colors and geometrical forms highlight the duality of light and dark, proximity and distance, materiality and spirituality. The absolute immersion of Lucena in abstraction not only marked a new artistic trajectory for him, it also clearly led to a new form of consciousness. “Civilization has become brutal with a lack of tranquility; and this civilized barbarism is crystal clear when we see the importance of art in modern life. The sterility that plagues us is revealed in a purely consumerist relationship with art” states the Brazilian artist.

Lucena’s debut was characterized by a strong expressionist and figurative style, embedded in a ghost-like mysticism. In his recent series, Lucena characterizes his work as metaphysical landscapes and the epitome of mystical abstraction. The black color is omnipresent and contrasts with the flamboyant red and moon like shapes, it contains an overflowing light that emulates the existence of an alter-world.

Ænigma evokes subliminal experiences caused by nature that help erase the corrupted perception that comes from contemporary anxieties.

When he returned from an artist residence in Denmark, in 2006, Lucena found his new artistic genre in a moment of pure contemplation. Invariably, Lucena’s Art diffuses a subtle and yet captivating light that slowly lures the viewer into reflecting on his/her own existence. Each painting seems to invoke a supernatural force incarnated by that light, detaching the viewer from material alienation and involving him/her in the construction of new perception of reality. The painter executes his art with a natural sophistication and recounts multiple narratives.

Born in 1963, the artist grew up in an agricultural community in north Brazil, which would later influence his work. Most of Lucena’s early experiences with art were self-taught. In 1992, the artist began an exchange program where he lived in Berlin and began experimenting with oil paints. By 2012, Lucena was awarded the Mario Pedrosa Award for contemporary artists by the Brazilian Association of Art Critics. Throughout his career, the artist has traveled to Germany, Washington DC, and Denmark for residencies; as well as participated in exhibitions around the world.