Mai-Britt Wolthers is a Danish artist who lives and works in Santos, Brazil. Her color and graphite “Compositions” are characterized by a strong sense of fluidity between the different color fields that seem to operate on two distinct levels: on the one hand the artist seduces the viewer through the use of color and a multitude of painterly textures; on the other she compels the viewer to focus his attention on several smaller areas and elements within her compositions. These narratives are captured from original images of her photographic archives. In her works one can witness that a drawing detail moves effortlessly from painting to engraving or from painting into space. Some forms are often repeated. From time to time we notice certain symbols and elements that destabilize the flow of the composition and keep her visual language fresh. Wolthers’ uncanny sculptures seem to exist independently from her paintings, at the same time pointing to a tendency of externalizing forms of the unconscious.

17.01.2019 - 02.03.2019
Espace L Gallery - Genebra